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“Complex realities require multidisciplinary solutions.”

Laura Camprubí,
Founder & CEO

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Community governance for local development and social innovation

Social innovation has brought with it a new approach to decision-making in today’s world.

We are experts in participatory design. Over the years we have witnessed the incredible power of communities and individuals’ participation to promote social change.

Strategic plan for the social and solidarity economy of Mataró

Diagnosis and design of an Action Plan, working together with the most important organisations and governmental institutions in the city of Mataró, to strengthen and develop the social solidarity and the economy sector.

Early detection of community’s energy vulnerability

Creation and development of a community network for the early detection of cases of energy vulnerability in the neighbourhoods of El Carmel and La Marina (Barcelona) and in Figueres city.

Local social inclusion plans

Diagnosis and design of the Local Social Inclusion Plans (LSIP), agreed upon with various stakeholders, including local administration and citizens using multidisciplinary methods and approaches, such as research and analysis of primary and secondary data sources, structured interviews, focus discussion groups and participatory appraisals.

Green infrastructures & Climate resilience

We develop and support Green Infrastructure planning for cities, together with the local community, promoting participation and applying nature-based solutions to address the challenges of climate change.

We create and develop methodologies to integrate environmental assessment in all decision-making processes, as urban planning and the life cycle of products and organisations.

Urban green spaces Masterplan for Lleida city

Development of a green infrastructure plan for the city of Lleida to structure and plan future urban green spaces connected to the peri-urban areas, the surrounding croplands, and the protected natural areas.

Garraf sustainability plan

Promoted by the Garraf Regional Council, the aim of the Garraf Sustainability Plan is to coordinate the actions already implemented by municipalities to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to establish new strategies mitigate the consequences of climate change. The plan identifies the stakeholders that should be an active part of this new model, and all the initiatives aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Espurna project

Collaborative work with UAB and their ESPURNA project, designing and implementing the participatory process that accompanies and defines the forest fire prevention and management strategy in the Montseny Biosphere Reserve.

We are communicators, educators and political activists

We participate in training, seminars, round tables, and debates, promoting the Social and Solidarity Economy.

Some of the topics on which we give conferences include:

  • Environmental assessment and monitoring.
  • Policy analysis and governance.
  • Social economy and collaborative business models.

Student’s micro-cooperatives

The aim of the project is to promote entrepreneurship among students, by creating a mock cooperative company with participation and involvement of the students, which are responsible for the social and financial management of the company.

Training in early detection of energy poverty

Training workshops implemented Primary Healthcare Centres (CAPs) professionals and Addiction Centres (CASs) in the city of Barcelona, enabling them to detect cases of energy poverty.

Lecturing in master’s degrees and university courses

We regularly lecture in master’s degrees and postgraduate courses at Universities (UPC, UAB and UB, among other education centres). We share our experiences, knowledge and expertise gained through our professional work.

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About us

A multidisciplinary outlook

Experts in sustainability

We are two entrepreneurial siblings, passionate about sustainability, who wanted to create our own project to generate a positive impact on people and collectives. Together with our partners, in 2012 we founded this cooperative, which in 10 years has positioned itself as the leading consulting firm for public projects, in addition to being a partner chosen by many organisations.

We are a team of multidisciplinary consultants who develop projects with a comprehensive outlook by integrating different disciplines, methods, and areas of knowledge. We aim to offer comprehensive solutions to complex realities.

Why a cooperative?

“Cooperatives are businesses with an ethical and sustainable approach that take into account not only the economic impact of their work, but also the social, cultural and environmental impact.”

Our solutions seek greater economic, social and environmental sustainability. We are committed to finding simple solutions to complex realities.

Co-founder & Director
Sociologist specialising in social inclusion strategies.

Co-founder & Director
Environmental scientist specialising in landscape and sustainable development.

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